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Post Office closure campaign

Attacks on our Post Offices

We know the company needs investment – but privatisation is not the answer. It will ultimately become the wrecking ball of UK Postal Services.

We know competition is not going away – but it must be fair and cannot be driven by the race to the bottom on your jobs, terms and conditions. In this scenario everybody loses.

Dave Ward CWU deputy General Secretary (Postal) Billy Hayes WU general Secretary

The government wants to close the Crown Post Offices in Swinton and Salford Precinct.

The Crown Post Offices provide invaluable services to residents, particularly the elderly and disadvantaged. If the proposals are successful these services will relocate to shopping outlets, such as supermarkets, and will mean a much reduced service and much bigger queues.

Salford Labour Party is joining the fight to prevent these closures. Together with the Communications Workers Union (CWU) we are working on your behalf to keep these Post Offices open. If you agree and would like to show your support please sign our petition on the right.

Future attacks on services could include your local post office so please join the campaign now.

If you would like to get involved with this campaign please ring 0161 793 2024 or email

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