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Our Schools - Our Say

Campaign Against Forced Academisation

Salford Labour Party is campaigning against the Tory Government’s plans to force all of Salford’s schools to become academies without giving parents a say.

The ‘Our Schools, Our Say’ campaign calls for the Government to drop plans that would force every school in Salford, and the rest of England, to become an academy regardless of the views of local parents and the community.

Paul Dennett, Salford’s Labour City Mayor, said: "Thanks to the dedication and hard work of pupils, parents, teachers, and the council, we have been able to improve education in our city.

It is astonishing that, at a time of major cuts to school budgets, the Government would think it wise to spend over a billion pounds on top reorganisation down turning all schools into academies when there is not a shred of evidence it will help improve education standards or children’s chances in life. We know what works, good teaching and good leadership in a well-supported system.

The Government’s proposals have been met with shock and anger from teachers, trade unions, and even Tory councillors and Tory back bench MPs who are appalled that a one-size-fits-all centralised system is being imposed on schools regardless of parents’ views or the wishes of schools themselves.

We urge everyone that is concerned about these plans to sign the petition."

Under the Government’s proposals the local council would be removed entirely from the school system, despite evidence showing that local council-led school improvement services outperform multi-academy trusts in improving standards. Salford parents would be removed from academy governing bodies under the proposed changes

The Labour Party is working with local teaching trade unions, parents, and others, to organise opposition to the Government’s proposals.