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The Hammond Tax

The Hammond Tax - How the Tories are raising your Council Tax

In hard-pressed Salford, the government expects ordinary residents to pay more council tax.

There is a crisis in the social care system after 8 years of Tory rule. Care homes are closing, hospitals are full, and vulnerable elderly patients are not receiving support.

The government have claimed they are putting more money into social care – but in fact they are just moving money from one pot to another. In Salford this means they have taken even more money out of our budgets, whilst wealthier areas get a bonus.

Salford has lost £2.2m in the recent changes, whilst leafy Buckinghamshire gained nearly £1.2m.

The Tories are asking the people of Salford to pay for wealthier areas by telling Salford Council to raise council tax by 2% - and raise the local care tax by 3%.

If we don't raise the money, there will be no support available for elderly, vulnerable or homeless people in our city.
The NHS and other vital services are already struggling, don't let the Tories get away with it! Sign our petition and join our campaign today.

We need...

More Money

More Fairness

More Transparency

The Hammond Tax is is unfair and hits the poorest families hardest.

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