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Conservatives refusing to suspend Hastings candidate accused of Islamophobia, homophobia, antisemitism and prejudice towards disabled people

"There is endemic racism in the Tory party", Former Tory MP, Andrew Lansley

Naz Shah, Labour’s Shadow Women and Equalities Minister, commenting on the Conservatives refusing to suspend their Hastings candidate accused of Islamophobia, homophobia and antisemitism, said “The Conservatives are refusing to take action against a candidate who has peddled disgusting Islamophobia, homophobia and antisemitism, and has argued that disabled people should be paid less than the minimum wage. She has made no public apology.

“No one who promotes this prejudice and spreads these vile far-right conspiracy theories is fit to be an MP.

“Boris Johnson has claimed that Conservative members who do this sort of thing are ‘out first bounce’. So it defies belief that Sally-Ann Hart was selected as a candidate in the first place, and it is shameful that Boris Johnson is now refusing to take action.”