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Tories fail to answer questions about Concentrix

Concentrix, the company that checks tax credit entitlements for HMRC, lost its contract with the government after accusations of failures. Hundreds of people had their tax credits incorrectly cut, it is claimed, when the US firm made several mistakes.

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP wants to know if Concentrix would be compensated for ending the contract early, she said: “The Tories’ backtracking following concerted pressure from Labour MPs is welcome, however, they failed again today to answer outstanding questions over the Concentrix contract.

“While we await the outcome of the National Audit Office investigation into this chaotic situation, the Government still refuses to answer some basic questions, such as whether or not Concentrix will receive a pay-off for the contract ending so early? What do they have to hide?

“It is time that this matter is dealt with properly, so that those who suffered due to the poor handling of this contract can get the justice and compensation they deserve.’’

Rebecca Long-Bailey is MP for Salford and Eccles and Labour’s Shadow Chief Secretary to the Treasury.