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Scrap the Work Capability Assessments

End the Work Capability Assessments

Debbie Abrahams MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, responding to the government’s announcement of consultation on the Work Capability Assessment, said: “Whilst I welcome the Government’s acknowledgement that their callous Work Capability Assessments cause needless misery and stress for thousands upon thousands of sick and disabled people, Theresa May needs to take responsibility for her part in these disastrous social security reforms. To suggest that these have been a success is derisory.

“This cruel Tory approach is ideologically driven with the sole purpose of targeting the most vulnerable in our society to pay for their austerity plans, painting disabled people as scroungers and shirkers, whilst making no impact on the disability employment gap.

“Rather than tinkering at the edges, I have announced that Labour will scrap the Work Capability Assessments and replace them with a holistic, person-centred approach, based on principles of dignity and inclusion. This will be a key policy under our plans to transform the social security system.”