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Labour broadcast tells the personal stories of people who “make our Party and our country so special“

Labour’s new party political broadcast presents the values which unite Labour supporters across the UK. The broadcast highlights the shared beliefs of compassion and fairness that bind our communities.

Holly Ferguson, a firefighter from Sunderland, devotes her life to making people safe, but the cuts to public services are making this harder to do. Youssef El-Gingihy, a GP in Warwick, speaks about the increased pressures of the job and the shared values at the heart of the NHS and the Labour party. Chris Rawlins, runs a community sports co-operative in Gloucester. His football team is “as near to ‘the many’ as you’ll get”. Andy Welford, a dairy farmer from Saltburn-by-the-Sea, puts food on people’s tables at the same time as stewarding the land for future generations.

Commenting on Labour’s new broadcast, Andrew Gwynne, Labour’s Shadow Communities and Local Government Secretary said “Holly, Youssef, Andy and Chris serve their communities every day and are the people who make our party and our country so special. They keep us safe, healthy, produce the food we eat and are the people we rely on to make sure we all have a better future.

“They are supporting Labour because they see in us a commitment to support them to improve public services, their communities and to invest in the green technologies of the future.

“A General Election is on its way and I would encourage everyone who shares this vision to join Labour and take part.”

The broadcast can be viewed here