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Accepting fossil fuel donations exposes Jo Swinson’s rank hypocrisy

Danielle Rowley MP, Labour’s Shadow Minister for Climate Justice and Green Jobs, commenting on reports that Jo Swinson accepted donations linked to fossil fuels and tax avoidance, said:

“This is rank hypocrisy from Jo Swinson. She claims she can take on the establishment but the reality is she was a cheerleader for austerity in the Conservative-led government, including backing the bedroom tax and voting to prevent a tax on bankers’ bonuses. And now we find out she is taking money from people profiting from the fossil fuel industry and from accountants who are helping the super-rich to avoid their taxes, at the expense of our cash starved public services.

“You simply can’t trust the Liberal Democrats: in government they broke their promises and have a record of betraying the people they claim to stand up for.”