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I’m No Shirker!

 Paul discusses the Bedroom Tax with Councillor Warmisham and Councillor Dennett

Give Me A Full-Time Job With A Living Wage

Asks Salford Resident Paul Hudson

"I have done everything that has been expected of me. I got a job to get out of the benefit trap I found myself in only to find the same system now wants to take back every penny I earn. I don't deny that I need to pay back but how is this a fair way of letting me do this?"

On the 1st April, local resident Paul Hudson, will be forced to find more money from his already limited income to meet the coalition government's bedroom tax and 10% cut in council tax support to local councils.

Paul's employment circumstances clearly highlights how welfare reforms are eliminating resident's ability to make-ends-meet, forcing Paul to make decisions between priorities such as: putting food on the table, putting electricity in the metre, paying his water bill, paying existing debts, and visiting his friends and family using public transport.

Since the middle of October 2012 Paul Hudson has been able to find part-time employment with a local employer, earning £6.78 per hour. Unfortunately Paul doesn't work enough hours to qualify for working tax credit, despite regularly asking his employer for extra hours and working overtime when possible. Paul also informs us that 16 hour and less contracts are fairly common practice with his employer.

Paul lives alone in a 2 bedroom flat and his rent will increase to £94.15 from the 1st April 2013. His eligible rent for the purposes of housing benefit will be reduced by £13.18 per week (14%) as a consequence of the bedroom tax. Paul will also be expected to pay 8.5% of his annual council tax bill as a consequence of the government's decision to localise 'support' for council tax.

This means that Paul has £15 less each week but still has food to buy and bills to pay.

photo top: Paul discusses the Bedroom Tax with Councillor Warmisham and Councillor Dennett