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Post Office Privatisation – The Debate Is Not Over

The Government and Royal Mail both know they have major hurdles to overcome before they can proceed with a sale. But the next few months will be crucial.

Royal Mail must be challenged over Pay and Reward – We need your Support

After initially agreeing to resolve pay by the 1st April 2013, Royal Mail are now insisting that they will not make an offer until outstanding transformation issues are resolved and there is more clarity over their future plans.

The truth is the company are prioritising profit for privatisation and their own Senior Executive pay and bonuses. The CWU has told Royal Mail their position is completely unacceptable and we look set for a major clash over the next pay deal.
Royal Mail are wrong to support privatisation

They consistently preach that the company needs investment but they are seeking the wrong type of investment for the wrong reasons. A private company may well put in £1 billion – but they will take out £2 billion very quickly. As a private company, Royal Mail will be run to make profit for others – not for the people.

The company are advocating a short term approach that is deeply flawed and is being done for vested interests.

Privatisation will be the ultimate wrecking ball for UK postal

Privatisation will mean the break-up of the company with network and mail centres being the first sold off.

Privatisation will mean new contracts of employment and franchising of delivery rounds.

Privatisation will mean fresh attacks on your pension scheme.

What CWU is doing

We have launched the Save Our Royal Mail coalition. This brings together a collective of influential organisations campaigning to save the USO, stop privatisation and protect the public service. There will be many opportunities for you to support this campaign.

We are continuing to develop a new Royal Mail business model that allows for investment and generates profits that can only be re-invested back into the service and the workforce.

We are in ongoing dialogue with the Government. We will influence the outcome. We will protect your interests.

from The Voice published by CWU, the Communication Workers Union