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Please support our Born in Salford campaign

Rebecca Long-Bailey asks for your support

"Almost two years ago I was sat on my settee eating a cream cake...and then....the contractions started.

"Off we toddled to hospital to get checked out, "everything is going well but you can go home and come back when the contractions are closer" the midwife advised.

24 hours later, the midwife advised that we make the trip back to hospital again. 48 hours later...two visits from expectant grandparents and a quick nip home by my husband to pick up the jaffa cakes I had angrily demanded....and our little bundle of joy arrived!

Similar stories are being played out across Salford. Loss of our local Maternity Unit will not just result in 'no more babies being born in Salford', it will result in a postcode lottery that sees expectant parents and their nearest and dearest struggling to afford the numerous trips to and from hospitals outside Salford.

Maternity services are a core service that Salford deserves to have. Please support our campaign"

top photo: Rebecca collecting signatures for our Born in Salford petition recently at Salford precinct