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Show your support for Born in Salford

We are urging people to back a petition to save Salfords under threat maternity service.

The local Clinical Commissioning Group – one of the new NHS bodies - is considering options for the maternity unit at Salford Royal hospital. One is to close the unit. This will mean no more babies born in Salford.

The city has already lost the Pendlebury children's hospital. Neo natal care and full time maternity care was closed at Hope Hospital and now the midwifery unit is under threat. The campaign, Born in Salford, is trying to save the unit through petitioning and raising awareness of the very real possibility of closure. One mother who became aware of the campaign said " I had my daughter at the unit and it was lovely. It's cosy and friendly and I want my next child delivered there."

Paula Boshell, a spokesperson for the campaign said: "Having maternity services outside Salford means friends and family finding it difficult to get there because of time and cost just when new mothers need them most.

"Social workers and other professionals will have further to travel to visit their clients putting more cost on Salford services.

"We would like Salfordians who support this campaign to write to their councillors in support and sign the petition.

"The commissioning group are meeting in September so we have to present our opposition to this option soon. Salford Labour Party is working hard to make sure we continue to have babies born in Salford.

We hope others will help the campaign become a success."


photo: Councillor Paula Boshell campaigning for the maternity unit with a new mum.