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Rebecca Long Bailey and Paul Dennett condemn the racist attacks on Jackson Yamba and Tommy Robinson's rally

The recent vandalism of Jackson Yamba’s home in Salford was an abhorrent act of racial intimidation, and we condemn it in the strongest possible sense. This appalling attack on members of our community represents an unwelcome reminder that racism is still prevalent in our society today.
For Mr Jackson Yamba and his 10 year old son to be subjected to such a dreadful and sickening attack must have been a reminder of some of the terrible racist abuse which was once so common in Britain. This attack unfortunately highlights that there is still a lot of work to be done to drive racism, in all its forms, from our much loved city and society in general.

Salford is not a place of hatred, it is one of love, community, and solidarity. The motto under the City Council’s coat of arms reminds us all that “The Welfare of the People is the Highest Law” and the City’s industrial past also reminds us of the rich heritage and multiculturalism that the City of Salford is rightly proud of.

We are and always have been an international city, with dockers from Malta, Jamaica, Africa, Ireland, Hungary, Poland and many other nations playing a vital role in our local economy. These groups now have settled communities, families and children who have grown up in Salford and made their lives here. Before that, huge waves of Irish immigration built our communities, and so many in Salford today are still familiar with their traditional Irish roots.

Those who perpetrated such a despicable act have no place in this city. They do not represent the people of Salford, and they should be ashamed by their actions.

We also oppose the planned visit by ‘Tommy Robinson’ real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon on Saturday 23rd February to protest outside the BBC studios in Salford. ‘Robinson’ was a member of the fascist British National Party (BNP) and founder of the fascist English Defence League (EDL) which has for many years sought to divide communities by spouting hate, specifically targeted towards our Muslim community.

In recent demonstrations held by ‘Tommy Robinson’, former members of the National Front, Combat 18, and other fascist groups have attended and have attacked anti-racist protestors whilst shouting anti-Muslim and anti-Semitic chant. Robinson has also aligned himself with the mainstream right, since being hired as an advisor to UKIP under Gerard Batten's leadership. A move which even “appalled” Nigel Farage.

We have a rich and diverse community here in Salford. We oppose anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and all forms of racism. These attacks and rallies have no place in Salford and we will fight to drive hate and racism from our communities here in Salford, and across the UK.