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The government’s new nuclear strategy is in tatters

Commenting on Hitatchi suspending work on the Wylfa nuclear power station, Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long Bailey MP said “The government’s new nuclear strategy, adopted by the Conservatives and spearheaded by their Liberal Democrat coalition partners in 2013, is now lying in tatters.

“Just two months ago, the government’s lack of clarity over funding for new nuclear led Toshiba to withdraw from Moorside. That was a blow to the UK’s energy security, its decarbonisation goals, and the economy of Cumbria.

“But with Hitachi’s decision to withdraw from the Wylfa nuclear power plant, this triple blow has escalated into a full-blown crisis. It is now incumbent on Greg Clark to answer three questions.

“First, how is the government going to fill the 6.3 gigawatt hole of low carbon energy left by Moorside and Wylfa – thirteen percent of the UK’s electricity? Second, does the government still support new nuclear for the UK, and if so, when can we expect a new plan? Third, what contingency plans are in place for jobs and the economy of Anglesey and North Wales, where Wylfa was projected to create up to 10,000 jobs at peak periods, and 850 permanent jobs thereafter?

“Finally, a question for the Prime Minister. Did she raise Wylfa nuclear power station when she met with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe last week? Shinzo Abe said they did not touch upon the issue, whereas Theresa May claimed at PMQs that it was discussed. So which is it?”