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John McDonnell responds to Treasury Select Committee’s criticism of Brexit analysis

John McDonnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, commenting on Philip Hammond’s response to the Treasury Select Committee’s criticism of the Treasury’s Brexit analysis, said “As the Treasury Select Committee have rightly set out, the Government’s analysis of the economic impact of their proposed Brexit deal is inadequate and, ludicrously, it is based upon proposals abandoned months ago.

“It is an affront to our Parliamentary process that MPs are being expected to vote on a Brexit deal without the Government’s full analysis of the immediate threat it poses to jobs and living standards in this country.

“The Government’s continued refusal to model the economic impact of the backstop can only lead us to conclude that either it does not know what the effect would be – or if it does know, it does not want Parliament and the public to know the cost and economic consequences of the backstop.

“The Chair of the Treasury Select Committee is right to say that the Chancellor has shed no more light on the crucial issues facing our economy. After two years of chaotic negotiations, Parliament is being asked to vote without the full facts and with a Chancellor abdicating his responsibility to provide them. Our country deserves better.”