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Universal Credit’s rollout is set to be delayed

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Benefit changes, planned to come into effect from 9 April, are intended to save the Tory government around £2.5bn. These changes will significantly squeeze the incomes of families who are ‘just about managing’. As revealed by the Resolution Foundation research published his week. But reports now suggest that the Universal Credit’s rollout is set to be delayed.

Margaret Greenwood MP, Labour’s Shadow DWP Secretary said “Universal Credit is causing severe hardship for many people. After months of pressing ahead in the face of the evidence, the Tories seem to have quietly accepted that their flagship social security programme isn’t working.”

“People’s lives are being destroyed by poverty and debt.”

“The Government must stop the roll out of Universal Credit immediately. We need urgent answers from Esther McVey about what’s going on and what action the Government will take to tackle the many flaws in the system.”

“Labour will ensure that our social security system genuinely lifts people out of poverty and is there to support any one of us should we need it.”

Tories hitting young people with punitive Universal Credit sanctions

New analysis by the Labour Party has revealed that more than 70 per cent of Universal Credit sanctions have landed on claimants aged under 30.

Out of a total of 473,000 decisions to apply a sanction under the Universal Credit live service, over 334,000 (70%) have been applied to claimants aged under 30. Nearly a fifth of all sanctions have landed on claimants aged just 18 and 19 years old.

Labour is demanding the Government looks at the overwhelming evidence and stop the rollout of Universal Credit. Labour is committed to a root-and-branch review of the social security system to ensure it lifts people out of poverty and is there for all of us in our time of need.

This is further evidence of the impact of the Tories’ punitive sanctions regime. Rather than supporting young people into secure, well paid jobs, the Tories are hitting them with sanctions.

Universal Credit is causing poverty and hardship wherever it’s rolled out, especially for young people.

“The Government must do the right thing and stop the rollout of Universal Credit.” Said Margaret Greenwood MP “This is yet more shocking evidence that Theresa May is failing to keep her promise to end austerity.

“Today’s report shows that £1.6 billion in cuts are yet to come from the Tories’ benefit freeze alone.

“Only Labour will end austerity and transform our social security system so that it provides security and dignity for all.

“Labour will end the benefit freeze, introduce a Real Living Wage of £10 an hour and put tackling poverty at the heart of government policy again.”