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The future of Social services

The Local Government Association (LGA) has published its green paper on the future of the Social services. Options for paying for the services include an increase in income tax, national insurance and council tax, and means-testing benefits (the winter fuel allowance and TV licence).

The LGA said services were at “breaking point”. Since 2010 councils have had to fill the funding gap of £6billion to keep current levels of service.

Barbara Keeley MP, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Minister for Social Care, commenting on the Local Government Association’s publication of its own Green Paper as adult social care reaches breaking point, said: “The launch of this paper highlights the shameful inaction of this Tory Government, which has yet again delayed its own Green Paper until an unspecified point in the autumn.

“While the Tories kick the can down the road, 1.4 million older people are going without the care they need and over one million working-age people with care needs receive inadequate 15-minute care visits, robbing them of their dignity.

“Labour would immediately invest £1 billion in the first year to ease the Tory social care crisis, with £8 billion of funding across the Parliament, to meet more social care need and put plans in place for a sustainable National Care Service for the long term.”