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The rise in fuel poverty is simply not good enough

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, commenting on a report from the Committee on Fuel Poverty, said:
“The rise in fuel poverty is simply not good enough – we are going backwards. As the report points out, in 2019 there will still be thousands of fuel poor households living in Band F and G properties. A cold, poorly insulated home doesn’t just mean that lots of heat is wasted resulting in a high bill, it means getting ill, it means repeated visits to the doctor, a much longer recovery time and a greater pressure on the NHS.

“Labour will insulate four million homes as an infrastructure priority to help those who suffer in cold homes each winter. We would also introduce an immediate price cap so an average dual-fuel household energy bills remains below £1,000 per year while transitioning to a fairer system for bill payers”