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successful Salford Labour campaign to save our Midwife-Led Unit

Many of you may have seen the fantastic news of the success of Salford Labour’s campaign to save our Midwife-Led Unit and services in Salford.

After the announcement of the intended closure of our existing birthing facilities at Salford Royal, residents and local party activists have been up in arms about the loss of the last midwifery unit in the city.

This would have seen an end to babies born in Salford, a huge blow to local identity, our community pride and heritage.

Thanks to a tireless campaign from activists, we are now able to announce the opening of a new mid-wife led unit at Ingleside in Oakwood Park, Claremont. The Bolton Foundation Trust have been commissioned to run the service, and 300 babies are expected to be delivered each year. This is a great achievement for the city, which respects the many Salfordians that have gone before us and ensures a future for Salfordians to come.

But the campaign isn’t yet over. The City-Council has committed money needed for this centre, and we need the help and support of the people of Salford as much as possible. That’s why we set up a crowdfunder campaign to help pay for refurbishment costs here.

Through the goodness of our local community’s hearts, and a pride in our city, together we can build the new birthing centre as a beautiful and relaxing institution for a whole new generation of Salfordians to first open their eyes to.

We need members and the public to contribute as much as possible to this campaign, a vital part of community spirit and heritage in our city.

Your support would be greatly appreciated in ensuring babies continue to be born in our great city.


Paul Dennett