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  • Fix Universal Credit

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    Salford Labour motion to Council

    This Council believes that the Universal Credit process is flawed and causing unnecessary hardship to local families.

    We note that Universal Credit was deliberately introduced on a slow rollout so that any issues could be seen and corrected before the benefit was introduced to all claimants.

  • The Hammond Tax - How the Tories are raising your Council Tax

    The Hammond Tax

    How the Tories are raising your Council Tax
    In hard-pressed Salford, the government expects ordinary residents to pay more council tax.

  • Tories give Peel new hope on Broadoak development

    Tory ministers have given Peel Holdings new hope for their plan to build 600 new homes on land at Broadoak in Worsley

  • Privatising our rail infrastructure would be an irresponsible move

    The last thing our railways need is another layer of fragmentation and complexity

  • Salford’s Housing Crisis

    It is hard to ignore the devastating vision of growing numbers of homeless people on our streets

  • sign reads "homeless & hungry - god bless you"

    Poverty: the scourge of modern Britain

    Poverty is the scourge of modern Britain, with low-wage, low skilled jobs becoming the norm as a product of the Tory economic ‘recovery’.

  • Tories fail to answer questions about Concentrix

    The Government still refuses to answer some basic questions on Concentrix – Rebecca Long-Bailey


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