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  • Keir Starmer in Brussels to warn about risks of a blind Brexit

    “A blind Brexit could prolong business uncertainty and provide insufficient guarantees to protect jobs, the economy and rights. Whether you voted leave or remain, nobody voted for the purgatory of permanent negotiations.”

    The Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer will travel to Brussels today for meetings with EU officials and to warn against the dangers of a ‘blind Brexit’.

  • This Budget offers only a short-term sticking plaster to stave off catastrophic collapse in social care

  • Labour warns of a “national emergency” facing children’s services

  • Labour calls for budget to be voted down if the Government fails to stop the roll out of Universal Credit

  • Labour demands stronger workers’ rights as we leave the EU, Corbyn tells UN

  • Ensuring our mutual security

    I intend to address our post-Brexit Security Treaty and International cooperation on Justice and Home Affairs arrangements.

  • Jeremy Corbyn

    Jeremy Corbyn warns Tories won’t use Brexit to rebuild Britain

  • Government’s £3m compensation to union nails the lie Ministers acted out of necessity

  • Further education and skills cut by over £3 billion under the Tories

    Funding for further education and skills has been cut by over £3 billion in real terms since the

  • fix niversal credit

    Universal Credit’s rollout is set to be delayed

    Benefit changes, planned to come into effect from 9 April, are intended to save the Tory government around £2.5bn.

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