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We are constantly campaigning at a local, citywide and national level. Our campaigns support local residents

Salford Labour campaigns

End poverty now!

Being employed doesn’t protect families against poverty any more. Despite so called record employment rates, poverty levels haven't shifted in recent years


Conservatives' failure on housing means higher rents, more homelessness, less home ownership, and fewer homes built.

Our Schools - Our Say

Salford Labour Party is campaigning against the Tory Government’s plans to force all of Salford’s schools to become academies without giving parents a say.

Born In Salford campaign

The local Clinical Commissioning Group is considering options for the maternity unit at Salford Royal hospital. They are considering closing the unit.

Post Office closure campaign

The government wants to close the Crown Post Offices in Swinton and Salford Precinct. Together with the Communications Workers Union (CWU) we are working on your behalf to keep these Post Offices open.

Bedroom Tax Campaign

The Bedroon Tax is now with us but we must continue to fight against it.