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Born In Salford campaign

Your local maternity services are under threat again.

The local Clinical Commissioning Group is considering options for the maternity unit at Salford Royal hospital. They are considering closing the unit.

This will mean no more babies born at Salford Royal, mothers will have to go outside Salford for maternity care.

We have already lost the Royal Pendlebury Children's hospital to Manchester, the neo natal care and full time maternity care was closed from Hope Hospital and now the midwifery unit is under threat.

Please sign our petition, on the right, to save our local NHS service and oppose any moves to close the unit.

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"had a fantastic and amazing experience. It was really comfortable, I was checked on regularly and felt cared for.

My family were allowed to stay and they even brought a TV in for us!

At first I wasn't sure about using the centre but after seeing it and speaking to the women in there I fell in love with the place."


Deena was disappointed after giving birth at another hospital, having had her previous birth at Salford Royal Birth Centre.

"The level of care was nothing like the fantastic care I received at Salford Royal.

My partner had to go home after the baby was born, in Salford he could stay, it was not a nice experience.

The staff were brilliant at Salford, so caring and personal - they couldn't do enough for us to make sure we were comfy and looked after.

I would recommend Salford to all mothers and urge the CCG to keep this wonderful unit open. It would be a real shame to lose it."


"I wasn't told that Salford Royal Birth Centre was an option for me, I just thought I had to go to Manchester.

I live really close to Salford Royal, in fact I could walk there! I would really like to have my child in Salford and now that I know about the benefits, after doing this survey, I will be talking to my midwife about it."

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