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  • Jeremy Corbyn reveals leaked Brexit documents

    Speaking at a press conference revealing leaked Brexit documents, Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn said:

    Thank you all for being here. In this election we’ve shown how Boris Johnson is trying to hijack Brexit to sell out our NHS and working people.He is trying to hijack the hope for change that many people had in 2016 and use it for his own ends.

    For Johnson Brexit is about something very different from what most people voted for. For him it’s about reversing the hard-fought gains won by working class people over generations so that the corporations and the billionaires can cream off more profits. It’s about unleashing Thatcherism on steroids.

    Johnson and his Conservatives know there’s no support for the damaging agenda they want to inflict on our country. So they’re trying to do it under the banner of Brexit instead. But Labour is exposing their deception.

    Last week, we revealed the secret plot to sell out our NHS as part of a toxic deal with Donald Trump which could mean our NHS paying £500 million a week more for medicines. As trade experts have since confirmed the NHS is very much on the table in those talks. But the secret documents not only shredded Johnson’s credibility on the NHS they undermined his credibility on Brexit too. “Get Brexit done” the Tory slogan at the heart of this election campaign is a fraud on the British people.

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