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  • Tory Pensions robbery: 40,000 pensioners set to lose an average of £5,500 a year

    A Parliamentary question tabled by Labour has revealed that 40,000 pensioners are set to lose an average of £5,500 a year as a result of no longer being eligible to claim Pension Credit.

    The Government has announced that from May, mixed-age couples on low incomes will no longer be eligible to claim Pension Credit when the older partner reaches State Pension age if the other hasn’t, but will have to claim Universal Credit instead.

    This breaches the Conservative Party 2017 election manifesto pledge to safeguard all pensioners’ benefits except winter fuel payments.

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  • Despite all of Michael Gove’s grandstanding on plastic pollution, the rate of recycling for packaging went down last year
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  • Government in denial about the impact of its benefits sanctions
  • Government in denial about the impact of its benefits sanctions
  • Tom Watson issues plea to the Prime Minister not to break manifesto promise on TV licences
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